Adapting to the Effects of Covid-19

During this past year, everyone has felt the effects of the pandemic. Whether socially, personally, or economically, many changes have been made to our once routine life. Here at MBE, we understand what you’re going through. There was much uncertainty within the past year and a half; however, we were able to adapt and make necessary changes to survive during these circumstances.

In the past, pack and ship has made up more than half of Mail Boxes Etc. sales throughout a year, having printing and marketing also make up a significant portion of sales. Due to Covid-19, there was a decline in several franchising industries, like food and beverage, because of their inability to operate in person. However, MBE was able to remain competitive due to the pack and ship revenue model being able to still perform. This allowed us to adapt and make the changes we needed to better align with the booming e-commerce and pack and ship market. 

Despite the hardships of the pandemic, we at MBE were able to find some opportunities for positive growth from it. Having the global economy increase its amount of online spending by almost 6% within the last year, we were able to adjust to the new climate of e-commerce quickly. In 2020, consumers around the world spent over 3.5 trillion euros shopping remotely from home. This surpassed the previous year’s sales in 2019, growing by 47% within the last year. Because of this, we saw an opportunity at MBE to increase our footprint in the e-commerce logistics market. Even though some franchising industries experienced a decline during the pandemic, there is an immense growth projected for the number of sales this year. This can mainly be attributed to the boom in e-commerce. The International Franchise Association even predicts that over 20,000 new franchise locations will open within the following year. This shows great potential for all businesses participating in the franchising industry.

Despite our active steps to adapting through the pandemic, we have continued to focus on our core concepts and values. We have done so by showcasing the partnership we promise to have with our customers. When a company works with MBE, we help improve shipping and logistics for that company. We help with all aspects of the e-commerce process, from shipping to online store outsourcing. MBE is here to give our customers an advantage over their competitors, especially during the effects of Covid-19 and the e-commerce boom. With all the changes over the past few years, we at MBE are looking forward to growing with them. This year has proven that the MBE concept can adapt quickly, with the unforeseen circumstance of the pandemic and the increase of online e-commerce worldwide. We at MBE have utilized these changes to our advantage, which will inevitably help you when opening up your very own MBE e-commerce courier franchise.

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