Argentina: An Opportunistic Landscape for Business Startups

While Argentina has experienced economic ups and downs over the years, it is still a country of utmost importance on the world stage and even more so in Latin America, where, alongside Brazil and Mexico, Argentina has a prominent position in the political and economic sphere.

Government Initiatives

In recent years, the Argentine government has approved several initiatives to encourage startups and business activity among local and foreign entrepreneurs. One such initiative is the “Agencia Argentina de Inversiones y Comercial International(AAICI),” which provides free assistance to foreigners interested in conducting business in Argentina and helps boost international trade. Among the benefits offered are incentives, additional tax benefits, and investment opportunities. The agency also collects valuable data and research related to investment and trade in Argentina, useful to investors and domestic companies seeking to expand globally.

Market Size and Potential

Argentina boasts one of the largest economies in South America, with a population of 46 million people. This diverse consumer base provides a wide range of opportunities for businesses across various sectors, with an estimated value of $12 billion. This represents a 164% jump from 2020 to 2022 compared to 2018 to 2020. Although the country has faced GDP and inflation issues in the past, Julian Gurfinkiel, founder of TurismoCity, notes that “a distinctive feature of entrepreneurs in Argentina is reacting to change. The country’s rules and economic climate train entrepreneurs to act more quickly in the face of adversity.”

Highly Educated Workers

Argentina is known for its high quality of life and highly educated workforce. It has been ranked as the number one country in Latin America for English language skills among the population, making it an excellent opportunity for international business due to the ease of communicating and working with qualified business people.

In conclusion, Argentina’s economic resurgence, combined with government initiatives, market potential, and a highly educated workforce, provides a landscape of opportunity and innovation for aspiring entrepreneurs. Don’t miss out on this opportunity, and get started with the MBE Master Franchise in the country.

(Photo by Gustavo Sanchez on Unsplash)

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