MBE is a third-party provider of outsourced business solutions like shipping, fulfillment, printing, and marketing solutions to individuals and enterprises to help them become more effective in running their businesses and activities.

We help companies and people improve their productivity by solving business functions which are not in their core competencies. MBE’s combination of services and unique level of customer service provides a reliable one-stop-shop solution for small and medium sized enterprises (SME’s).

The combination of multiple MBE services at one location together with a distinguished and unique level of customer service gives customers a unique, one-stop solution to bundle their personal or business needs with one reliable partner.

Pack & Ship

MBE’s business model allows our Centers to offer highly professional solutions to meet customer needs in flexible, customized, and reliable shipping solutions. The MBE Centers offer turnkey solutions: pick up at customer premises, professional packaging, and courier management, etc.
The decades-long experience of our MBE Centers allows us to offer our customers the best solution to ship documents, products and even heavyweight objects, leveraging our deep know-how in international shipment.


MBE Logistics offers a complete and flexible service that goes beyond simple shipping. We manage important operational aspects such as collection, storage, assembly, printing of related documents, professional packing, and final shipment.
The inventory of in-stock materials and possible returns allows our customers to keep everything under control without having to spend their time, space and own resources.


The MBE Centers offer a wide variety of Mailbox services according to customers’ needs. The key advantage for our customers is that we offer a safe and accessible place to receive parcels and letters. MBE Mailbox service allows our customers, both private individuals and companies, to have an address in an MBE Center to receive packages, letters, registered letters, etc.


The MBE Centers offer multiple solutions for printing, both large and small formats, for low and high runs.
Printing projects are managed by professionals with mastery, technology, and software skills that empower MBE customers to get the most out of their communication materials. These services are personalized for consumer and SMEs alike. Thanks to the technology available in MBE and thanks to the partnership with production centers, we are able to provide tailor-made solutions for communications materials as brochures, posters, business cards, letterhead and much more. Our customers can always choose the best solution according to expected costs, time and quality.

Marketing solutions

MBE Centers simplify your marketing needs with professionals able to create effective communication products (outdoor advertising materials among many others). We know the needs and how to create marketing solutions for start-ups, individual professionals, and long-standing companies. MBE Centers can support customers during special events like fairs and congresses.

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Franchising Network

Mail Boxes Etc. is a network of 1,600 Service Centers globally, which are operated by independent Franchisees following a Franchising Agreement.

Throughout the world, MBE selects and collaborates with entrepreneurs who run the Master License. A Master Licensee has the important role of managing and expanding the network of service centers through franchise agreements. All MBE Franchisees rely on the expertise of each country’s Master Licensee for the following points:

Training and Know-How

The many years of experience were translated into practical manuals and in-class training to help our franchisees be successful entrepreneurs.

Marketing and National Advertising

Franchisees benefit of being part of a brand recognized worldwide, which is enhanced locally thanks to the contribution of each MBE Center to the local National Media Fund.

Framework Agreements

MBE selects providers which help the day-to-day operations. By consolidating purchasing power, we ensure benefits for the entire network

Supporting your business

Corporate staff members keep creating proven tools, techniques, strategies and technologies which enable our franchisees to grow their business capabilities.

Selecting a Site Location

Our experience together with a deep understanding of the territory, make it possible to set the best possible criteria to find a location for MBE Centers.

Center Layout and Brand Identity

Franchisees benefit of a layout which has been proved to be practical and ideal for our day-to-day activities. MBE also provides our unique set of furniture which ensures brand consistency.

Business Analytics

Thanks to the data coming from our network and market analysis, MBE is able to support and advise Franchisees in implementing business strategies for a long term success.

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