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One of the main reasons we advise you to take part in the franchise opportunity in Switzerland is because of the extensive market. Despite having a smaller population of 8.42 million people, Switzerland is the second largest competitor for its online shoppers. This puts Switzerland in a competitive position, and within the next few years, it’s also predicted that there will be a 12%  increase in the number of parcels shipped per year. An increasing online market is an advantage for MBE centers because it increases the number of purchases customers make. This is partially attributed to the effects of Covid-19 and its impact on in-person shopping and sales. Despite the pandemic nearing an end, online shopping will continue to be a primary source of purchasing because of its convenience and user-friendly model.

Another factor contributing to Switzerland’s extensive market is the amount of diversity within the country. As we know, Switzerland has one of the smallest populations in Europe; however, where they lack in population, they make up for in diversity. Switzerland is a multicultural and multilingual country, having four different national languages.  Having multiple national languages gives Switzerland an upper hand to be more successful in their imports and exports. Having the tools to reach outside vendors puts countries like Switzerland in a competitive advantage, allowing them to enter an untapped linguistics market. Overall, mid-sized countries with multiple languages, such as Switzerland, can export more goods and attribute around 10% of their GDP to being multilingual. 

Lastly, Switzerland has a booming logistics and transportation market due to its network. Within the last five years , Switzerland has updated its logistics capacities to reach across the country and its bordering countries, France, Germany, and Italy. Thanks to the expansion , Switzerland has upgraded the number of vessels, cargo, and bulk carriers on the route, and it’s predicted that this number will increase from a previous 56 units in 2018 to 70+ in 2022.

The market in Switzerland is booming. There are many different aspects of the market that have contributed to the success of the economy within Switzerland. The increase in Switzerland’s online market has positively impacted the number of parcels purchased and shipped per day. The boom in e-commerce will continue to rise over time, and it will not be leaving anytime soon. Switzerland’s exports have been consistent throughout the years due to the country being multilingual; however, they have thrived within the past years due to an expanded logistics network. The network has benefited Switzerland’s shipping logistics for both their imports and exports. Overall, many positive factors are contributing to Switzerland’s economic growth. We at MBE are here to support you through your journey. We want to see you thrive, just like Switzerland’s booming economy. So now it’s your turn to decide.

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