Logistic potential in Norway

Out of all the Scandinavian countries, Norway has the strongest economy and increasing opportunity in the technological and logistics spaces. Norway is known for emerging into several different business sectors within the last year. Oslo, the capital, is becoming one of the top countries in Europe for start-up companies. With all of Norway’s advancements in business, it has become a strong competitor in the industry and holds many future business opportunities for the country.

According to JPMorgan, Norway has become one of the first countries to popularize and succeed in the logistics market. It is reported that mobile commerce will surpass e-commerce in Norway by 2023, becoming over a 13 billion euro market. The expansion in the mobile market offers more opportunities for sales, having apps readily available for businesses and consumers to place online orders from their phones. WIthin 2020 alone, we saw an increase in Norway’s mobile commerce market, growing almost 2 billion euros into 2021. Having this competitive advantage puts Norway in a position to offer more services than other countries and creates opportunities for new MBE franchises in the country.

With SMEs being the primary consumers that Mail Boxes Etc. promotes its services to, it is important to have a large market in the country they are operating in. According to the OECD, in 2018, it was reported that 97% of Norway’s businesses had less than 50 employees. Therefore, having a majority of Norway’s businesses be SMEs, there is already a potentially established customer base that will benefit future MBE Centers.

Moreover, there is a wide range of franchises that already operate in Nordic countries. This shows that the opportunity for franchise business growth is already there and one with a proven framework. Not to mention, a local  franchise association in Norway that provides support and connections for newly joined franchisees.

As of 2021, Norway is one of the most up-and-coming countries in the world. Branching into a new sector of the e-commerce market, mobile commerce, Norway has proven that they are a significant player in the business sector. Norway has contributed to a notable amount of growth in Europe’s e-commerce market, despite the effects of the global pandemic. Additionally, Gallup’s Law and Order Index has ranked Norway as the second safest country for its stable government, regulations, and environmental impact. With that being said, there is immense potential in Norway to continue franchising MBE centers and become a Master Licensee. The success of the operating  MBE Oslo Center  and hundreds of potential customers have proven Norway as a strong base for establishing a Master License. If you are interested to know more, we at MBE are ready to accompany you through your next adventure towards an MBE franchise. 

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