Reasons to Franchise in Sweden

If you are an entrepreneur in search of a new business venture, look no further than the beautiful Nordic country of Sweden. With an advanced economy, developed logistics industry, and high level of business opportunity, your franchise is bound to succeed in Sweden. 

Out of all Nordic countries, Sweden presents the most valuable and attractive opportunities for new business ventures. This country has the largest economy of the Northern European region and boasts a transparent, developed and diversified market with few barriers to entry. The country’s booming e-commerce market, which is an essential sector for logistics, is soon to be worth over $18 billion- one of the largest worldwide. As e-commerce continues to become increasingly important, Sweden will lead the way with growth and prosperity in the logistics industry. 

The logistics sector in Sweden is also among the best in the world. Sweden is ranked 2nd highest globally in the Logistics Performance Index (LPI) which is based on the efficiency, quality, and timeliness of transportation and logistics networks. This means that the country presents infrastructure and networks that are already ideal for logistics firms to thrive, which is perfect for a logistics company entering the market. For a country with such high demand for instant transportation through e-commerce, it is essential that logistical networks are widely established and efficient. 

In addition to an economy that presents a myriad of opportunities, many industries in the country also offer a number of unique business possibilities. Swedish industries such as paper manufacturing, printing, and storage have experienced a steady decline in the past several years. This decline, although initially appearing negative for those industries, presents an opportunity for both entrepreneurs and the struggling industries. Outside companies have the chance to invest into these declining industries by offering them opportunities to diversify their business portfolios and offset their negative performance. Sweden’s declining industries present a mutually beneficial business opportunity that would be ideal for franchises.

Furthermore, Sweden creates an exceptionally welcoming and open environment for foreign franchises. With only general European Union commerce legislation and the Swedish Franchise Disclosure agreement to abide by, franchises are free to practice business in the way they know best. Among the already strong franchise industry, service sector firms such as MBE tend to perform exceptionally well. In addition, Sweden is rated 10th out of 190 countries for the ease of doing business. The Swedish market encourages foreign investment and makes it as convenient as possible for businesses of all types to succeed.

It is essential to consider everything when you look for  new franchise opportunities. Performance of industries and markets as well as local commerce law and infrastructure all play vital roles in the success of a venture. With Sweden’s highly performing economy, welcoming market, and ideal infrastructure, this Nordic country is the perfect place to begin your franchise business. 

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