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At Mail Boxes Etc. centers we provide services in shipping, packing, and logistics for various types of products. However, we are unique because, at MBE, we specialize, in particular, in the shipment of fine art, antiques, and collectables. Because we specialize in this industry, we are well equipped with the knowledge, connections, and materials needed to ship your antique parcels efficiently.

We at MBE pride ourselves on our network. Without these connections, our services wouldn’t be possible. Different MBE Centers have established relationships with local auction houses, nearby our franchise stores, within the antique shipping industry. We regularly collect from the premises of the auction houses, providing the buyers, sellers, collectors, and auction houses with our professional expertise in the shipping of their products. Within the past year, sales within the art and antique market have transitioned from in-person to online due to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. During this time, it was predicted that the number of buyers would decrease within the market; however, according to Statistica, in 2020, the market size doubled over the previous year’s sales. Here at MBE, we have used the growth in the market to our advantage by strengthening our relationship with our existing partnerships and advertising our premier services to new contacts within the industry.

Because some of our service centers specialize in antique shipping, they are well equipped with the knowledge and materials needed to ship your products appropriately. When it comes to shipping antiques, the primary forms of packing can help preserve the state of your items, starting from the blanket wrapping, boxing anc crate creation. Crates are one of the most effective forms of packing antiques because they help protect all types of articles and are very durable. When packing a crate, we can use any of our other techniques if needed to add extra protection to your valuables. Overall, at MBE, we have the knowledge and experience in antique shipping and packing that will help provide our customers with the most reliable and effective service.

At MBE, we also handle all aspects of the shipping process for our customers. When importing foreign products, each country has its laws regarding the entry process of the item and various taxes and fees. In Spain specifically, the rules on importing vary depending on what kind of product it is and if it’s coming from outside the European Union. If shipping from outside the E.U., there are additional taxes and steps you must follow for entry. Many factors play into importing goods from various countries. With so many regulations, it can often be confusing for the average person to understand the rules. MBE was designed to help the average customer and alleviate the stress of packing and shipping. Not only do we at MBE find the perfect way to pack your valuable items, but we also provide our customers with a quote on additional VAT’s that will occur. 

We at MBE are here to help our customers in all aspects of their packing and shipping needs. We have multiple experiences working with dealers and collectors, shipping their various antique and art products. Additionally, we have the knowledge needed to appropriately pack your products and ensure they will not be harmed in the shipping process. And lastly, we have the organization and communication skills required to handle importing your goods into different countries. With all the knowledge and experience we have, we encourage you to choose MBE the next time you need antique shipping services.

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