Slovakia logistics boom and MBE

Slovakia’s logistic market has grown rapidly over the past few years and is expected to grow even faster. With it, the need for reliable pack & ship logistic partners also increases.

Located in the center of Europe, Slovakia is an ideal location for business ventures. For this reason, Slovakia has become a central hub for strong transportation and logistics. 

A key market trend that Slovakia has seen since 2019 is an increase in e-commerce. More and more businesses are using advanced technologies in logistics to conduct and improve their operations. This provides an opportunity for freight and logistics companies like Mail Boxes Etc. to enter into a strong competitive market. 

As 2023 approaches, Slovakia has additionally implemented a Recovery and Resilience Plan. You may be wondering, how does this impact a Mail Boxes Etc. franchise? Well, this plan is pushing Slovakia to see increased sustainability, enhanced productivity, and most importantly, accelerating digitalization in the country. A stronger and more digitised economy will in turn leave an ideal market for an MBE logistics franchise. 

Slovakia’s continuous growth in logistics presents a myriad of opportunities for a strong MBE logistics franchise center. If interested in becoming a MBE master licensee in Slovakia, our MBE team will be by your side to accompany and advise you along the way. Take the next step to start your franchise business today. 

Becoming a Master Licensee in Slovakia with MBE

By obtaining the master license, you become the authorized owner of the MBE brand in the Slovakia, gaining access to MBE licenses, know-how, and its worldwide network of passionate entrepreneurs. Moreover at MBE, there is already a prominent network of MBE Master Franchisees in more than 45 countries, proving MBE is a safe and successful business concept for Franchisees all over the world thus opening a window of possibility for investors in many countries to start their master franchise with MBE.

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