The Czech Republic and SME’s growth

According to PWC, the Czech Republic has one of the most stable and prosperous markets in Europe, thanks to its well-qualified labour force, relatively low-cost structure, and high number of exports. As a member of the EU located in central Europe, the Czech has become a favourable location for foreign investments.

Since 2014, the Czech government has made strategic efforts to support small and medium-sized enterprises throughout the country. SME’s make up around 99% of over 1.1 million enterprises in the Czech Republic. The government has opted to support these firms through social enterprise support and offering guidance and financial ease for entrepreneurs that will push business growth. 

SME’s are the primary consumers that Mail Boxes Etc. promotes its services to. The significant number of SME’s in the Czech Republic already demonstrates a potentially well-established customer base for expanding future MBE locations in the Czech Republic. This is an attractive factor for entrepreneurs looking for franchise opportunities in the Czech Republic. 

As mentioned above, the Czech Republic has established a strong export sector with over $199 million in exports per year. In turn, transport has become one of their leading industries which has generated strong logistics operations throughout the Czech economy. Since the pandemic, the Czech economy has seen a shift in the number of online users as e-commerce increased by over 26% according to the International Trade Administration. 

For a potential MBE master franchisee, the strong presence of SME’s makes the Czech Republic a central location for opening a new franchise. The Czech has high logistics operations that offers potential franchise opportunities in a prosperous and growing market.

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