The Power of Taiwan’s SMEs: Driving Economic Dynamism and Market Development

Taiwan’s SME represents a significant backbone of the economy, propelling steady growth across the country in both domestic and international markets.

Based on the 2022 Taiwan SME White Paper, data reveals a significant presence of SMEs in the Taiwan market. Over 1.59 million SMEs constitute 98% of all enterprises, marking a historical high. They serve as the backbone of Taiwan’s economy, employing over 9.2 million people, constituting over 80% of national employment. These enterprises significantly contribute to economic stability and growth, generating substantial employment and fostering societal prosperity.

The sales revenue of these SMEs within the Taiwanese economy is substantial, surpassing NT$26 trillion (€756 million), comprising over half of the national sales, with nearly 90% generated domestically. This highlights their dominance in the domestic market, significantly impacting the country’s economic stability and development.

Further data highlights the continuous growth in Taiwan’s international trade and domestic investments, boosting the performance of SMEs in both domestic and international markets. This not only elevates export volumes but also propels domestic market growth. A remarkable 25% increase in exports to foreign markets underscores the pivotal role of Taiwan’s SMEs in driving national economic and employment market vigor.

These statistics underscore the vital role and crucial position of Taiwan’s SMEs in the national economy. They serve as pillars for Taiwan’s economic growth, providing robust support and impetus for stable economic development. Within Taiwan’s evolving SMEs growth and the growing need for regional trade alliances, Mail Boxes Etc.’s service plays a pivotal role in catering to the escalating demands for efficient freight services such as meticulous cargo tracking, robust supply chain management, and adaptable logistics solutions tailored to diverse product categories and specific target markets.

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