Top 3 Reasons to Set up Your Next Business in Uruguay

Uruguay is an example of tenacity and constancy in the turbulent South America

Despite the challenges facing the global economy in 2023, the Uruguayan economy is still performing well. Over the past few years, the country has pursued a number of structural reforms to boost productivity, attract investment, and reduce poverty. As a result, the economy has grown for six straight quarters, making it one of the most stable and diversified in the region.

1. Government Support

The government's support for free trade has been one of the primary factors in Uruguay's economic progress. With nations all across the world, such as the Mercosur bloc, China, and the European Union, Uruguay has inked trade agreements. These agreements have expanded exports, especially those of goods and services having a technical or informational component. This has made it possible for the nation to enter new markets and decrease its dependence on traditional exports.

2. Foreign Investment

The country's emphasis on luring foreign investment has played a significant role in the expansion of Uruguay's economy. The government has implemented numerous policies to promote a more business-friendly environment, including tax incentives and improved infrastructure. The recent growth in foreign investment to record levels serves as proof that these efforts are working.

3. Perfect Location in South America

The Uruguayan economy in 2023 is a tale of tenacity, constancy, and expansion. The nation has shown that it is capable of overcoming obstacles and maintaining its ranking as one of the strongest economies in the area, making it the ideal location to start a new business opportunity. 

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