Turkey Courier and Logistics Market: Growth & Trends

The courier & logistic market in Turkey has grown at a rapid pace over the past few years and is expected to grow even faster, with it a need for reliable pack & ship logistic partners also increases.


Turkey is a country that MBE is closely tied to, and there is great news for the future within this country. From 2020-2025, the Turkey CEP is expected to register a growth rate of 7%. The growth is due to changing consumer behavior growing e-commerce, urbanization, and a younger population. Turkey has a great location being in between the Middle East and Europe and serves as a transfer center between the two regions. This growth opportunity has already attracted many international players and there is expected to obviously be more.

An Increase in Online Shopping

Another reason for this market growth is online shopping. Just like many countries all over the world, online shopping is becoming increasingly popular because of the convenience and accessibility of it. From 2020-2021, the percentage of people who have bought goods online has skyrocketed from 36.5% to 44.3%. Also, according to the Turkish Statistical Institute, 70.7% of people purchased goods online in the first three months of 2021. These goods include clothes, shoes, and accessories. 40.8% of people in Turkey also used the internet to buy food online. With more online shopping comes more deliveries and more e-commerce local players that could rely on MBE services, as e-commerce enable platform.

Turkish Government Initiatives to Develop Logistics

Besides that, the Turkish government has devised a $110 Billion USD plan to develop the logistics infrastructure. Within this plan, there will be construction to place additional road network and railway network to have more space for shipments. The government is also planning on setting up logistic centers that will stretch along the junction line that runs through organized industrial zones, ports, and free trade zones. It is extremely important to have enough land for companies to be able to make shipments to customers.

Growth in Temperature Controlled Logistics

Turkey is one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical countries. Furthermore, the country is also experiencing and exponential in demand for chilled and frozen foods. These factors are a big reason for why Turkey’s cold chain market is growing. As mentioned before, Turkey is in a great location for trade being in between the Middle East and Europe. With more trade between these locations means more growth for the cold chain sector in Turkey. Short term growth for the cold chain sector will include an increase in the number of supermarkets, food services and other outlets while long term growth will include infrastructure development within the country.

In conclusion, Turkey is expecting to have a massive amount of growth over the next three years, especially in the CEP and e-commerce industries. With more online shopping and trades between countries comes more shipments which is an extreme positive for logistics business. The reason why Mail Boxes Etc. decided to look for expansion, promoting the availability of Master Franchise in this country.

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