Turkey’s Rising Influence in Europe: A New Powerhouse

In the midst of numerous global challenges, a relatively new player has emerged, poised to fortify
Europe’s semiconductor sector: Turkey. With its strategic location between Europe and Asia, Turkey
is rapidly becoming one of the most significant tech and semiconductor producers and distributors
among non-EU states within the European zone.

Strategic Investments and Growth
Turkey's emergence in the semiconductor industry is not by chance. Strategic investments by the
Turkish government have fostered a favorable environment for the growth of semiconductor
companies. This proactive approach is reflected in the numbers: Turkey's semiconductor revenue is
projected to increase from $730 million in 2023 to $931 million by 2027.
This growth is driven by a
combination of geographic advantages, robust infrastructure, and a commitment to technological

Strengthening Supply Chains and Technological Self-Sufficiency
Turkey's growing role in the European semiconductor industry represents a crucial step toward
strengthening supply chains and promoting technological self-sufficiency. The impact of Turkey's
expanding role is already evident in trade figures. Recent data from the International Transport
Forum shows that trade between the European Union and the Balkan countries, including Turkey,
increased by 40% at the beginning of 2023. The Turkish government forecasts that the transport and
logistics sector will bring in $20 billion in revenue by the end of 2024, rising to $25 billion next year.

Economists emphasize Turkey's importance as a global trade link and a vital transport and logistics
hub for EU countries.

Turkey: The 'New Factory for the World'

Experts are beginning to refer to Turkey as the ‘new factory for the world’. This title is not limited to
the semiconductor industry; Turkey is also becoming a global power in other markets such as
clothing, wind energy, and white goods. The country's strategic investments and geographic
advantages are fostering a robust and diverse technological sector, driving economic development
and positioning Turkey as a critical player in global trade.

By providing critical support to the automotive sector and strengthening supply chains, Turkey is
proving to be an invaluable partner for Europe. Mail Boxes Etc.’s, services can play a pivotal role in
catering to the demands for robust supply chain management as Turkey continues to grow its
semiconductor capabilities. The future looks promising for Mail Boxes Etc.’s as Turkey cements its
position as a vital hub in the global semiconductor industry and beyond.

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