Unlocking Prosperity: Why Finland’s Logistics Market Is a Must-Invest Destination

Finland’s rapid development in the logistics field has made it impossible to ignore as an ideal investment option. Finland’s prime geographical location and infrastructure coupled with economic growth and stability make it a perfect choice for potential investors. These factors help display the rare opportunities that lay within the country, helping motivate investors to act now before it is too late to get involved within the market.

Finland's geographical location and infrastructure puts it at a supreme advantage compared to competing countries in the logistics market. Sitting between Sweden, Norway, and Russia, Finland serves as a gateway to three major markets. On top of the perfect geographical location, Finland also possesses advantages within its borders to put its logistics market at an advantage. In order to reduce traffic times and cut congestion, the Norwegian Public Roads Administration (NPRA) invested 2 billion euros in a new road network, including a near 5 kilometre road in twin tube tunnels and a 900-meter four lane bridge. This investment in specific as well as the organization as a whole work to severely cut transportation times, keeping the roadways updated within key cities. This extensive work on top of the already advantageous geographical positioning of the country put Finland in a clear position to thrive, giving investors reason for optimism.

Finland's recent economic boom is yet another great reason in which Finland fosters a great investing opportunity. A great way to look at this would be to look at the positive trend represented in the Finland GDP over the past few years. Since 2013, the GDP in Finland has grown every year but one, demonstrating a clear consistent growth within the economy. Starting in 2013, Finland's GDP was 204 billion euros. This had steadily grown throughout the past decade, sitting at a staggering 269 billion euros today. This growth displays the great growth the economy has had in the last decade, proving to be on the upward trend. 

On top of this, the CEP market volume in Finland has also steadily increased in the past decade. Starting in 2015, Finland had a CEP market volume of about 68 million parcels. This number grew nearly every year, sitting most recently in 2022 at 118.8 million parcels. By nearly doubling its output in a seven-year span, it is obvious that Finland has had massive growth over the past few years. This output should give investors incentive to join others in investing in the country, before it is too late to capitalize on the already massive margins.
Along with a steadily growing economy, Finland is also known for its economic stability. This can at first glance be represented by its blossoming SME markets. SMEs make up over 99 percent of all companies in Finland, representing a diverse and competitive business environment. Finland's economy has the ability to adapt much easier because of this, creating a sense of stability that is much greater than competing countries. On top of the SME market, the general population of Finland gives the country an advantage in economic terms. Finland ranked 3rd in education ranking among all countries, representing a smart, hard-working workforce. This could be seen in the unemployment rate, which has yet to dip below 10% since 2004, while currently sitting at 6.8%. This number suggests that the economy is stable, giving jobs to the community, as well as suggesting an active and productive market. 

While unemployment remains low, the population continues to rise as well. The population in Finland has grown slightly every year since 2018, projecting to grow from 5.51 million inhabitants in 2018 to 5.64 million inhabitants by 2028. This steady rise shows that citizens are thriving in the environment, benefitting from the great economy in the country. These factors all contribute to reasons why Finland has a stable economy, demonstrating another reason why it is a great idea to invest in Finland's logistics. With many factors working together to create flexibility and growth, it is hard for an investment to not pay off with the current growth in the country’s logistics market.

Finland represents an obvious choice for investment for those looking to make a profit. Finland's economic growth looks to continue to be on an upward trend, supported by a great economic environment and elite geographical positioning. These factors combine to produce one of the elite logistic market countries in Europe, making it essential for investors to get in on the trend quickly.

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