Unveiling Greece’s Digital Renaissance: The E-Commerce Boom

From debt crisis to e-commerce leader: Greece’s economic recovery is fueled by a digital transformation. Learn how “local heroes” are thriving in this unique online marketplace. 

In recent years, modern-day shoppers have become increasingly familiar with the ease, convenience, and availability of E-commerce sites, online marketplaces in which goods are sold digitally as opposed to physical locations. And Greece, one of the currently best-performing economies in Europe, is no exception to this growing digitization trend. Here are a few ways in which the E-commerce market in Greece stands out:

1. Extraordinary Growth: According to the International Trade Association from 2017 to 2022, total E-commerce turnover increased from $5.5 billion to $22.55 billion, an increase of over 400% in just a five-year period. 

2. ‘Digital Transformation’ Policies: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, the Greek Government enacted a series of major regulatory reforms and significant public investments meant to ‘digitally transform’  the Greek economy. More than just words, these acts have led to widespread digitization among business, availability and further internet availability for consumers, both of which leading to increased e-commerce spending.

3. Varied E-Commerce Sites: Unlike many Western nations, Amazon does not operate within Greece. The lack of this global conglomerate means that there are many competitive E-commerce sites unique to Greece, such as Glami, a fashion site, or Skroutz, a more generalized goods provider.
In the past decade, Greece has recovered from its well-publicized government debt crisis and become today one of the best performing economies in Europe, growing at twice the rate of the Eurozone average, according to the New York Times. Greece’s ‘digital transformation’ policies have led to a significant modernization in both internet availability and usage, directly impacting e-commerce growth. As this market continues to grow in the coming years, experienced providers like Mail Boxes Etc. are more important than ever. With our expansive logistics connections, strong management capabilities, and expansive global footprint, MBE is the perfect partner for any business looking to become a leader in the e-commerce marketplace in Greece.

(Photo: Rupixen on Unsplash)

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