Why Greek Logistics Represents a Unique Opportunity for Investments

Greece’s logistics resurgence is being fuelled by strategic geography, infrastructural strides, and a booming embrace from Asian, African, and European markets, setting Greece on a trajectory for investment success.

Over the past decade, Greece has been rapidly rising as a standout player in the logistics field. Greece’s performance has been growing year after year, turning heads and gaining attention for its improvements and ideal potential. Greece’s perfect geographical location, commitment to upgrade its rail and road infrastructure, and developing markets in Asia make it the perfect investing opportunity. These traits demonstrate the rarity and opportunity that lies in Greece, putting its logistics in a prime position to boom in the coming years.

     Located between 3 continents	
Greece is placed in the perfect geographical location to maximize its port's outcome, benefiting from trade flows from throughout multiple countries. The continents that Greece is in between include Asia, Africa, and Europe. These three are perfect for business, as the mass amount of product and services that are being shipped from one place to another lead to Greece being in a perfect position to be a gateway from one continent to another.

     Maritime opportunities
Furthermore, Greece’s direct contact with the Mediterranean allows easy access to water, creating massive opportunities through maritime transport. It is reported that volume crossing the Mediterranean is increasing by 8% annually. This creates further optimism for opportunity in investing in Greece logistics, as the country is in prime position for improvements on a yearly basis.

     A rising global distributor
Prime positioning in a global sense is not the only factor in which investors should be excited to invest in Greek logistics, as Greece is making a committed effort to improve their rail and road infrastructure. Greece has already struck a deal with HP and Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane. This deal, made with the Greek company Hellenic Train, allows for HP’s goods to be shipped exclusively to Europe through the train system, maximizing efficiency. With this efficiency already being invested in to be increased, Greece can further push its way up the ranks of the world's leading distributors.

    Emerging logistics markets
Greece's emerging markets offer further reason to be excited about the future and growth of its logistics. There are a plethora of emerging markets that are starting to build connections with Greece. Asia, for example, has already started utilizing Greece’s main port, Piraeus.  Countries such as China, Japan, and India have all established Piraeus as their main form of shipment to Europe, exemplifying the prime Asian markets that have already been tapped into. Europe is slowly building connections, demonstrated by the railway purchase of Hellenic Train. With the trains looking to ship goods exclusively, many future markets will emerge as Greece continues to build and evolve its railways. 

     An untapped franchise market	
Greece’s unparalleled advancement in the logistics field represents an obvious choice for investment, specifically those who are looking to start and build franchises in the area. Not only is the country in the perfect geographical location for business, but Greece has already made a commitment to improving its rail and road systems, while at the same time gaining markets in Asia. 

     Still not convinced? 
Using research provided by Effigy Consulting, Greece CEP market in volume has increased a total of 42.1% since 2015. This presents franchisees with a perfect opportunity for an investment, with room to put up big numbers in the near future. 

📸Photo by Dim Hou on Unsplash

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