Why Now is the Best Time to Franchise

The COVID-19 pandemic has created shock throughout the world and made extreme changes to how people live. The international economy has been unstable as markets shift constantly, and the way in which people are accessible to everyday items has become more problematic than ever for the international world. Working through this for small businesses and people trying to keep their jobs has been difficult for this unprecedented matter. People think they are on their own and must rely on the little relief to save their businesses. However, many corporations have begun to work through these daily challenges and adapted to the “post COVID” environment.  The end of 2020 indicated that 60% of small businesses that closed due to the pandemic were permanent. This is much higher than the 33% of franchises that will close permanently. The support given by a larger corporation along with strong business plans among many other personal advantages is why now may be a better time than ever to franchise. 

The art of franchising is the same as any other business. One must be determined to work hard and want to grow within their network. However, it gives an opportunity to start with a foundation in which people can work successfully. Since the pandemic started, people have started to look upon their futures with uncertainty. Starting a franchise gives those the opportunity to become a business owner along with stability for hardships that will lie ahead. Many more options become available since interest rates are still low, and even just opening a franchise shows customer bases that the business is pandemic proof. Other services that are provided include training programs for employees, a vast marketing plan which will be important when beginning the franchise to reach the customer base, and administrative duties such as human resources.

Franchises are becoming more important to the economy in 2022 than people have noticed. With the support of a company such as Mail Boxes Etc. you can work for yourself while still having someone to work with.  It gives extra support to your business to create more success, and when economic downturns occur, provide business practices to help you stay successful. Franchising is becoming a growing aspect of business that blends large corporations with people who are looking to start a profitable business without starting with nothing. It gives people a chance to take their lives back knowing there might be a better future.  


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