Why to franchise in Finland

Franchising is a business opportunity unlike any other. Rather than creating your own business model from scratch and bearing all of the risk, franchising allows you to use a proven business model and provides a high degree of expertise and guidance. Because of this elevated level of knowledge and experience, franchises tend to have much higher success rates than any other form of business. And out of all of the best places to start a franchise, Finland is certainly one of the most promising regions. 

The country of Finland, in the Northernmost region of Europe, boasts an economy satiated with opportunity. With the 2nd most skilled workforce in the world and endless natural resources, innovation has quickly become a driving force of the economy. Out of all countries globally, Finland has the highest level of innovation per capita. The sheer caliber of the workforce and its abilities makes any business venture in Finland highly attractive. 

In particular, the franchise sector of Finland’s economy is one of great interest. Since 2001, the industry has increased by over 98% and is still in the early stages of development. Currently, the franchise market is valued at over $6 billion, with over 300 companies in successful operation. The high growth rate yet low market penetration rate of franchises creates an ideal atmosphere for business ventures

In addition, the Finnish government and economy is highly welcoming to outside corporate investment. The government has established a number of tax incentives, training programs, and financial aid to attract foreign companies into the market. Newly established franchises are also subject to very little regulation, solely the general commerce laws of Finland and the European Union. The Finnish economy encourages foreign corporate investment and aims to make it as simple as possible for outside corporations to succeed. 

Another key area for all expanding corporations and entrepreneurs to consider is industries that are in continuous decline. For someone looking for a business opportunity, declining industries present a way to make a positive difference for yourself and the struggling company. By offering a franchise, a company or business sector is able to diversify their business portfolio and offset the losses they have been experiencing. In Finland, newspaper and book publishing as well as the printing industry have consistently faced losses due to the technological advancement of the global economy. Although these losses initially look negative, they can turn out positively for both the industry and the entrepreneur. 
The franchise market in Finland overall presents a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs. With an incredibly skilled workforce, welcoming market, key industries in decline, and a highly performing economy, Finland is the ideal location to begin a successful franchise business. With MBE, we aim to take advantage of the numerous business opportunities within a country such as Finland and hel

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